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Caitlyn & Gracie's Epublishing-SS St. Guide


Social Studies: Study Guide

By Caitlyn Hamilton and Gracie Willoughby


Comparing Life in the Colonies

         By the mid 1700’s there were 13 British colonies (England).


Three Colonial Regions

A.  New England Region

B.  Middle Region

C.  Southern Region


The New England Region was made up of the following colonies: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.


The Middle Region was made of the following colonies: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.


The Southern Region was made up of the following colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Each Region was developed for different reasons, and each had  their own unique economy, and culture.


New England Colonies


These colonies were founded during religious time.

Puritans in Massachusetts had religion at the core of everything.

Because of the puritans influence on government, some left Massachusetts and created Rhode Island.

In Rhode Island they created a government that was separate from Church.


The climate of the New England colonies had hard winters with mild summers.

There was rich soil in the southern part of the region, which was good for farming, in the northern part of the region; there was rocky soil with a lot of forest (lumber).


Each year they elected a governor and officials to run the government.

In Massachusetts only rich white male puritan could vote.


In Rhode Island, all men could vote at the beginning but that changed to only men who owned property could vote.

They learned to hunt whales and used their blubber (fat) to create soaps   

                   and candles.






They traded furs and sold lumber to earn money (economy).




Middle Colonies

The Dutch (people from Netherlands) founded the area known as New York for trading furs.

Great Britain (England) wanted this land so settlers could move westward.

The king of Great Britain gave this land to his brother, the Duke of York.


The Quakers founded Pennsylvania for religious freedom.

Pennsylvania was named after William Penn, a leader of the Quakers.


New York was a prime location for trade because of easy access, to the ocean, and its deep rivers.


The winters were cold, but the summers were warm and humid which provided a long growing season for farmers.

Iron was easily mined from the ground and became a vital product for this colony’s economy.

Colonist did not have much say in government (New York).

The king of England decided on government of New York and the governor chose other officials.


In Pennsylvania, Penn selected a governor and the king approved the choice.

Pennsylvania became known as the best “poor man’s” colony because taxes were lower in this colony.

As in the New England colonies, only white male property owners could vote in the elections.


 Southern Colonies

Maryland was founded by Cecil's Calvert for two reasons:

      1) He wanted to become rich

      2) He wanted a place for Catholics

Catholics were being mistreated in England and the colonies.

Maryland provided a place for religious freedom for Catholics.

The climate and geography of Maryland provided a good season, but also attracted mosquitoes.

At the beginning Calvert ran the government.

As more people of different faiths came to Maryland, Calvert allowed an assembly to be created. He made them pass a law that would allow Catholics to vote.


The colony of Georgia was created for two reasons

      1) To keep Spain from moving North from South

      2) To allow people to escape from debts

A debtor is someone who cannot pay their bills. 



The climate and geography of Georgia had mild winters and hot summers.

Georgia was a perfect place to grow “cash crops” (plants grown for money). Other cash crops include rice, indigo, and cotton.

Only rich white men could vote in government.

Economy– goods and services, bought, and sold.
















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