Mrs. Burch's Classroom

I am happy that you are visiting my website.  Let me introduce myself.  I teach United States history and English 11 at Allen County-Scottsville High.  I have been a teacher since 1991 and have held a National Board Certification in Social Studies since 2005.  I am married to David and have a daughter named Ella.

I have a definite philosophy of history I want to share with you--on this website and in the classroom.  Whether you take regular US history or advanced placement, it is my hope that the facts you gather about the past will help you gain perspective for the present and insight for the future.  And then there is the End of Course exam.  Sigh.  

My approach to the English classroom is much the same.  While the current emphasis is on preparing you for the ACT and On Demand Writing assessments, I hope to include a great deal of literary exposure and analysis.  If you have never seen a DEEP THOUGHT, how will you know when you have one?  Hopefully, English 11 will help you distinguish among thoughts worth keeping and thoughts worth sloughing.

As far as classroom expectations are concerned, a good work ethic is the most important trait you can possess to do well in my classes.  Effort is the key to success.

More specifically, I expect you to
          Participate in class--assignments and discussions
          Stay engaged

 What can you expect of me?
          To be positive and respectful
          To be well informed on my subject matter
          To make lessons and assignments clear and challenging
          To do my best to make you ready for your next step

Current Units of Study

US History
Precolonial America
English 11 
Diagnostic Writing and Reading 


AP US Syllabus
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