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Marching Band
Band Motto
Be Your Best…Character Counts!!!
Be Your Best is a goal that everyone can achieve. It means simply that – Be YOUR Best. This is not the same as be THE best, which is something that few can achieve. It is all that is expected of you, but it is expected ALL of the time – every minute, every practice, every day and every performance. Furthermore, it is expected that you will be your best in rehearsals and performances as well as outside of organized band activities…Character Counts!!! Good Character is demonstrated when people are not watching.
You can measure your own success. You do not have to wait until someone else, like the director, senior or band judge tells you. You know what is good and bad!!!
Band Expectations
Respect yourself!  Respect others!  Respect the band traditions, facilities, equipment, and uniforms!
Band members are responsible for doing their best, working on their individual skills, and practicing.  All equipment must be brought to rehearsals as requested.
Students should arrive at the band room 15 minutes before the rehearsal is scheduled. This will allow you to be ready to start on time. If you count on someone else to get a ride to practice, tell them the time you have to BE THERE is 15 minutes before the rehearsal begins. With this concept, you will be prepared physically and mentally to begin the rehearsal. Flying in at the last minute or late, does not allow you the time to prepare. You also will have a cushion of safety if there is extra traffic or you are running a couple of minutes behind. Regardless, if you are going to be late call me (270-618-1614)!!!
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