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7th Grade Stars & Stripes - Language Arts


Our world revolves around communication. 
Successful people are able to do this well.


The Five Strands of  Literacy

 Ø   Reading

Ø   Writing

Ø   Listening

Ø   Speaking

Ø   Observing

Reasons to Read

1.    Reading is rewarding.

2.    Reading builds a mature vocabulary.

3.    Reading makes you a better writer.

4.    Reading is hard and “hard” is necessary for us to become smarter.

--We don’t learn until we are confused.

--Don’t ever run from a challenge

5.    Reading makes you smarter.

6.    Reading prepares you for the world of work and business.

--Unskilled labor is disappearing

7.    Reading is financially rewarding.

--Job charts verify that the more education one has the more the earnings.

8.    Reading opens the door to universities.

9.    Reading arms you against oppression.

--James Baldwin says that it’s expensive to be poor. When reading scores are low, more prisons are needed.

    10. Reading helps develop a moral compass.

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