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Looking for a good book that will earn you some AR points and help you in Social Studies as well? I have a suggestion!
Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

Johnny Tremain tells of the times in Boston just before the American Revolution through the eyes of Johnny Tremain, a young silversmith who is drawn into the war after meeting Rab, a daring young member of the Sons of Liberty.  Working closely with Paul Revere and the revolutionists, Johnny must learn to overcome the obstacles in his path through his courage and determination and help prepare Boston for the battle ahead.

Streams to the River River to the Sea by Scott O'Dell

In this redesigned edition of Scott O'Dell's classic novel, a young Native American woman, accompanied by her infant and her cruel husband, experiences joy and heartbreak when she joins the Lewis and Clark expedition seeking a way to the Pacific.

Facing West:  A Story of the Oregon Trail (Once Upon America) by Kathleen Kudlinski

Facing West is the story of 11-year-old Ben, whose family is setting out for Oregon in 1845. Ben, who suffers from asthma, is frightened by all the dangers that lie ahead: hunger, rattlesnakes, hostile Indians, bears. And he feels guilty, too, because he thinks that his parents have decided to move to Oregon because the doctor has told them that the climate there will be better for his lungs. But as the journey gets under way, Ben becomes friends with a grown-up named Pete, who leads the wagon train, and who helps Ben overcome his fears and teaches him how to handle his illness.
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