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Unit 6 Organizer



Learning Targets (check when you have mastered)

  1. I can identify difficulties faced by the U.S. immediately following the American Revolution and explain how the actions of George Washington established precedents for future presidents to follow
  2. I can explain how the U.S. government expanded their territories (e.g., compromise, cooperation, conflict, competition)
  3. I can explain the concept of Manifest Destiny and how it was used to justify U.S. expansion
  4. I can describe the advantages and disadvantages of the exploration, migration, and settlement of western territories


Unit Assignments (check when you have completed)

  1. Vocabulary Notebook
  2. Graphic Organizer on “Manifest Destiny” picture
  3. Annotate “Manifest Destiny” picture
  4. Map on Westward Expansion
  5. Jigsaw Activity on problems facing the U.S. after Revolutionary War
  6. Annotated Outline map of territories acquired by U.S.
  7. Etch-A-Sketch activity on video about Louisiana Purchase
  8. Journal Entries on Lewis and Clark Expedition
  9. Event Maps on territories acquired
  10. Graphic Organizer on differences between White settlers and Native Americans
  11. P.O.A. Organizer on Political Cartoon of Andrew Jackson
  12. 3-2-1 Activity on Andrew Jackson
  13. Graphic Organizer comparing and contrasting American Revolution and Texas Revolution
  14. Collaborative Summarizing activity on Oregon Trail
  15. Overcoming Geographic Challenges Graphic Organizer
  16. Factstorming activity on Oregon Trail
  17. Do’s and Don’ts flyer on Moving West
  18. Gallery Walk Activity on Gold rush


Unit Vocabulary

Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Sacagawea, War of 1812Monroe Doctrine, Andrew Jackson, Tariff of Abominations, Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears, Oregon Trail, Texas Revolution, Alamo, Manifest Destiny, Mexican-American War, California Gold Rush, Forty-niners

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