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Consistency a Key at Bazzell Middle School
 (by Don Meador, Allen County Schools Public Relatiors Director)


   In many ways, consistency will be the key word for students returning to the James E. Bazzell Middle School as classes resume on August 7. 

   “Consistency is really important,” explained middle school principal Melissa Towery. “That also helps our teachers in that they know coming in that we will still be working on the things that we know works. We will be trying to better our practices and find new strategies that will keep us on the same path. We are still focused on being more student-centered and getting the kids to problem solve and be critical thinkers. We will continue to give the kids tasks that they can dig into and take an interest in. We have high expectations. We are focused on the students learning and feeling safe.”

   Approximately 450 students will be walking the halls at the Bazzell Middle School. Parents can expect their children to see few changes in terms of rules, guidelines, and procedures. The student handbook has remained the same for the most part. 

   The new school year will see the continuation of the Sources of Strength Program. Started last year, the program is designed for all students, helping them to both become a source of strength for their classmates and identify someone who can be a source of strength for them.  

   “We are so excited about our Sources of Strength program,” Towery said. “We are continuing with what we started last year and hopefully build upon it. Middle school age is tough because the kids are so uncertain about everything. They will allow words or peers to affect their thinking about themselves or life in general. With the Sources of Strength program, we work with our kids to assure that they know what their strengths are and the strengths that are available to them.”

   Towery adds that the program has monthly campaigns which focus on different topics such as identifying their trusted adult, healthy activities, and generously. Issues related to middle school students are also addressed.  

   “This program is student-led and that’s a great thing,” Towery noted. “We had about 50 kids that were nominated by peers last year to be the student leaders. They were trained. We had two teachers that are the advisors. The leaders come together once every two weeks to plan the activities they are going to do. It’s a really good program and really good for middle school kids.”

   As much as consistency will remain the same in terms of academic programs and objectives, the middle school will have numerous staff changes. 

   “We only have a couple of new certified teachers but several support staff positions have seen changes,” Towery said. 

   The new teachers include Brittany Billingsley (seventh-grade Language Arts), Anne Kieffer (eighth-grade ECE), and Elizabeth Bequeath (MSD). Support staff includes Jon Wesley Kirby (Reading Intervention), Kasey Dorris (Computer Literacy), Jeron McGuire (ECE Instructional Assistant), Stacy Coffee (Writing Instructor), Clint Meador (Head Custodian), Randy Sloan (Night Custodian), and Angie Marsh (Bookkeeper). The school will also have a new School Resource Officer due to the retirement of Scottsville police officer Bobby Jackson. 

   Towery is also excited about the school’s soccer and archery programs. This year, an increase in numbers has led to the school being able to field both a boys and a girls soccer team. The school will also continue to develop archery. 

   “This will be a first for us, to be able to have both girls and boys soccer teams,” Towery said. “Last year, we also started archery but we kind of worked a lot with the Intermediate Center. This year, we have are getting more supplies and I feel like we can grow that program.”

   Parents who drop their children off in the mornings, should note a change in the mornings. 

   “This year our front doors will not open until 6:45,” Towery stressed. “We had been opening the doors at 6:30 but that was too early. So this year, to be more consistent with the other schools in the District, we will not open the front doors until 6:45.”

   After the doors open at 6:45, students will be asked to wait in the lobby until the gym and cafeteria opens at 7, the approximate time for busses to arrive. Students are expected to be in the classroom by 7:45 or they will receive a tardy. Classes dismiss at 2:40. 

   Bazzell Middle School will observe their Open House and Orientation on Monday, August 5. For incoming seventh graders, the Orientation assembly begins at 5:15 in the gym. Students and parents will learn more about the school, academics, and expectations during the assembly. Afterwards, students can tour the school and meet with teachers. For returning eighth-graders, their Open House will start at 6:15 Monday evening. 


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