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Websites and Directions for PowerPoint

Directions for Explorers PowerPoint:

1.   You and a partner will research four European explorers: 

- John Cabot

- Henry Hudson

- Ponce de Leon,

- Robert de la Salle


2.   Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

-        a Title slide (include a picture of the four explorers as well as you and your partner’s names)

-        One slide for each explorer showing a map of the explorer’s voyage(s) as well as a description of where the person explored and when this trip was made

-        One slide for each explorer that explains the purpose of the voyage (why was this person making this trip, what did this person hope to find)

-        One slide for each explorer that explains the accomplishments of the explorer (what did this person discover, what were the effects of the discovery)

-        Bibliography (what websites were used to help you create this PowerPoint)