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PRIDEMASTER Application Materials

   To apply for Pridemasters....

1.  Download the application below to your computer. The application allows you to enter your information by typing it in. You must then save your application. Completed typed application, reference forms & commitment forms should be returned to Myra Little by midnight February 28, 2019. Her email is

2.   References are also required as part of the application process. Please download and print the reference requests. It is strongly recommended that you give this reference form to the person you are seeking a reference, in person.Two references are required.One can be a school emplyee and the second must be someone outside the school system.

3.  Please have your parent or guardian download, print, and return the parent form as well.

ALL MATERIALS (application, reference forms, parent consent forms) ARE DUE TO MRS. LITTLE BY FEBRUARY 28, 2019.

Attachments Available To Download:
Pridemasters Application8.pdf
Reference Form for Pridemasters6.docx
Student Commitment Form2.docx
Parent Commitment Form6.docx