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Cast Members:

Jason Sikes as Max

Josten Lightfoot as Ruby

Camden Carver as Storm

Brett Rippy as Water Boy

Madison Lee as Crash Lee

Macy Pruitt as Sherrelle

Jacob Lightfoot as Jacoby




Max – “Good afternoon and thanks for tuning into our special news show on digital citizenship. We are taking this opportunity to inform our viewers about this topic because we feel you need to know!!!!”


Ruby – “Max, are you a digital citizen?”


Max – “I’m not sure.”  “Ruby, what does it mean to be a digital citizen?”


Ruby – “Being a digital citizen basically means you know how to act appropriately and responsibly while using any type of technology such as cell phones, computers, gaming systems, social networks, etc.”


Max – “Oh okay.” “I would like to learn more, but right now we have some breaking news coming in from Sherrelle”. “Sherrelle are you there?”


Sherrelle – “Thanks Max, I’m here live at the middle school where Jacoby just got suspended from school for plagiarizing on his social studies paper” “Here comes Jacoby now. Jacoby why did you plagiarize on your paper?”


Jacoby – “I really didn’t think the teacher would ever know. How was I to know that she would check my paper that closely and realize that what I was typing was not my words? I knew it was wrong and in a sense it is like stealing, but I guess I never thought I would get caught.” “Now I’m suspended from school for 3 days and can’t play in the next basketball game.”


Sherrelle – “You heard it here. Back to you Max and Ruby.”


Ruby – “Thanks Sherrelle. Plagiarism is serious business. Remember when you are doing research, you should always cite your sources and give that person the credit they deserve.”


Max – “That is so true, Ruby. Now we will get our weather report from Storm.”


Storm – “Thanks Max! Today in the Midwest region of the United States there will be strong winds all day. Speaking of strong, do you know the importance of a STRONG PASSWORD? Your password should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and special characters. You do not need to use information that a person could easily figure it out like your birthday or address.”


“In the upper New England states your skies will be partly cloudy today. Since I’m talking about clouds – Hey, Ruby have you ever heard of cloud computing?”


Ruby – “No Storm I don’t think I have. Can you tell me a little more about it?”


Storm – “Cloud computing is a way to store and access data using the internet instead of the computer’s hard drive. Some examples of Cloud Computing are Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Mail, Google Docs and Dropbox. That’s all the weather I have for today, now back to Max and Ruby.”


Ruby – “Thanks Storm. I think I need to go home and change some of my passwords.”


Max – “It is now time for our traffic report by our very own Madison Avenue. How’s the roadways look out there today Crash?”


Madison – “Good afternoon Max. Well to start off we have a one vehicle accident on I-65 just past mile marker 23. A lady was trying to text while driving and ran off the road and hit a tree. She is okay, but I can’t say that about her vehicle. If you are texting while driving, you not only put yourself in danger, you put everyone else on the road in danger. If you need to send or read a text, wait until you get to your destination or at least pull off the road.”


Madison – “There is an accident on Maple Street involving a sports car and a pick-up truck. The lady in the sports car was trying to take a Selfie of herself behind the wheel and she ended up crossing the yellow line and hit the pick-up truck head on. There are no serious injuries to report, but both were sent to the hospital to be checked out. I don’t know what this lady was thinking – trying to take a picture of herself while driving. Please do not try to use your cell phone in any way while driving. You put everyone in danger.”


Madison – “Everything else looks pretty good out here, Max.”


Max – “Thanks Ms. Avenue. Remember folks, texting or trying to take a picture while driving is extremely dangerous.”


Max – “We are back with some more breaking news from Sherrelle. She is reporting live from Better Buy. What’s going on at Better Buy Sherrelle?”


Sherrelle – “We just want to inform all of our viewers that Better Buy is have a HUGE computer sale today until closing time. Every computer in the store is on sale. If you are in the market for a computer, come on down and check it out. This is Sherrelle reporting live from Better Buy.”


Max – “Thanks Sherrelle, I may need to check out the sale before I go home.”


Ruby – “Before we go, we need to check in with our sports guy, Water Boy. What’s going on in the sporting world, Water Boy?”


Water Boy – “Good afternoon Max and Ruby. Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Richie Stewart our middle school’s top basketball player will not be playing in tonight’s game because after the game on Tuesday night – he tweeted out to his followers inappropriate comments about his teammates. The investigation in this matter is ongoing. We will have more information on this story as it becomes available. The basketball team may be in trouble tonight because of an earlier story where Jacoby was suspended for plagiarism. That now makes two players who will not be playing in tonight’s game.”


Water Boy – “Now turning to football – Gus Jordan, who plays for the Cleveland Browns, was caught making a fake Facebook account and pretending to be his teammate, Ryan Starr. Gus was saying mean things and cyberbullying teammates and friends,  while posing as Ryan. Ryan could not figure out why his teammates and friends were no longer talking to him. He finally figured out what Gus was up to. He began printing off all the information he could find and took it to his coach. This matter is still being investigated. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming Sports casts.”


Max – “Wow, sounds like a lot is going on in the sports world.”


Ruby – “It sure does. I hope the basketball team can pull out a win tonight without a couple of their players. What was Richie thinking tweeting those comments about his teammates?”


Max – “What about Gus? What was he thinking?  Ryan did the right thing by printing off the information and giving it to a trusted adult, also by keeping these documents, you can use them as evidence if the police were to get involved.”


Ruby – “Well Max I hope our viewers have learned a lot about digital citizenship today.”


Max – “Me, too. I know I learned a lot. Technology is a great thing, but it never needs to be used in a negative way.”


Ruby – “I agree. Even though we did not cover every aspect of digital citizenship, we feel we gave you a great overview of the topic. Thank you for tuning in this afternoon. Have a great day!”

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