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Welcome to the Gifted & Talented Homepage.  In developing our program, I wanted to create a space where both parents and students could come and find information, activities, tips, and updates on what is happening within our classes and what we are doing in the community.  As well as any events or projects we are working on.  As the year  progresses, I hope to have a blog where you can post questions for me to respond. 

Breakfast Club

Monthly speakers.    
Focusing on Low-profile careers

Lesson the kids have done.

-We have done many fun actitives in Gifted and Talented.
-The kids have learned about 1, 2 and 3 dimensions. They have also learned about polygons and polyhedrons.
 - Learned Vocabulary:   
Spatial Reasoning and its properties,Students learned about tranlation,rotation,reflection,and glide relflection. These painting represent reflection as well as learnig about animal's different enviroments
We studied the history of abstract art & many of the techniques. Students "Doodled" on a sheet of paper,Chose a 3"x3" square section,& cut it out. we studied measurement to 1/16" & adding&mutliplying fractions in order to draw their "Doodle" on a 3:1 scale. This is the result
We studied the cuture of the aboriginese people of australia. Dot painting were used to send up reguests for needs of the people such as fire, food or rain. they learned about the symbols, Tried them using in thier own work> students used torn paper to imitate bark,that was used originally.
Students were encouraged to think of things in a way not normally done. They took pieces of crayon,hot glued them to a canvas board & put a hairdyer to them. When the crayon began to melt students learned how to move colors with the hairdyer.Students also learned pallettes of color.When some colors
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