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Graphic Design
Title: Brooke S

Music Changes Us

My project is a digital art project. My project is called Music Changes…… The program I used is GIMP 2.10.18 and I used multiple layers to create my project. First, I used the pencil tool and selected the splats 2 brush and I put two lines of each color in order (red, orange, yellow, green and blue) -rainbow!!!!! Then I created a new layer and selected the color in between each and put that in between the colors to add the contrast effect. Then I added a new layer and selected the text tool and selected the font Tempus Sans ITC and the size at 350 px and typed in Music in the middle and the bottom. After that I created a new layer and i selected the text tool and selected the font Tempus Sans ITC and the size at 109 px and typed in Music changes people, not how we live our lives and top part of the drawing.

Graphic Design-
Title : Music Colors Our World 
Ashlynn C

Graphic Design


Ashlynn C

Title: Music Colors Our World

Inspiration: I had this original photo that I took last year while experimenting with light refracting through water droplets on a music CD. The CD was laying on top of a textured black table cloth. Then I dropped drops of water on the CD. I took the picture in a dark room and used different settings until I came up the the original photograph.

Since just about everyone loves music and music can set the mood for anything in our lives, I decided to use this photograph of refracted light on a music CD to send the message that “Music Colors Our World” which is my title.

I used Pixlr online Editor for my design. Each component of my design was created in different layers including every music note and each part of the text. I created the text with the title using the color picker to select a color that was actually part of the original photograph. I also used a layers tool that will change any text or image. I used it with both the text and images music notes to give a glow effect and shadows..


  1. I created a new project in Pixlr and imported my background image.

  2. I found my music notes by googling free png music note images.(http://www.clipartpanda.com/categories/music-notes-clip-art-png)

  3. I saved these images to my documents as a png.

  4. Then I created a new layer in Pixlr editor for each of my music note images. Next I drag the layer onto the page.

  5. I duplicated each music note on several different layers so I can use each one separately and manipulate the images separately. For example, some of the notes had to be made smaller. I did this by click on the layer I was working on. Then I clicked on edit and then free transform. This allowed me to make it larger, smaller, or even rotate it. Then I placed each note in on top of the water droplets.

  6. In order to make the notes look like they were floating inside the droplets, I used the lays tool to either add drop shadow, inner shadow, bevel edge, inner glow or outer glow. I also had to select colors for each of these. Then I changed the distance, size and angle of the shadow or glow. On some images I used two or three styles. For example I used inner shadow, bevel edge and outer glow on one to give it a different look as if it had more light shining through on the music note that was floating in the droplet. Some I changed according to how the droplet looked (if it was in focus or if it was a little blurred). I did this same steps with the word music that is also inside of one of the droplets.

  7. After adding the text, Then I merged all layers together to create one graphic design.

Original background photograph used for background of graphic design.
Blue note (PNG) used for graphic design 
Pink Music Note (PNG) used for Graphic design
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