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Original Photo
"Prism Of Hope"
Ashlynn C 
Original Photo
Ashlynn C
Prism of Hope 

For this photo I used a Nikon D3000, CD, a medicine dropper, a room with no lights or windows, a black, textured table cloth, and a flashlight. A photo like this takes a lot of time because you have to find the best lighting effect onto the CD and get the settings on the camera correct. White light is made up of every color of the rainbow because it contains all the wavelengths. So the reflection of the light was multiple colors and somewhat wavy as the light traveled through the drops of water. To achieve this, I had to turn the flash off and set the camera on the following settings:

Manual focus

ISO -100

Aperture - 5.3

Shutter Speed - 1/60

I placed the black table cloth under the CD. The bottom silver part of the CD should be facing up. I positioned the camera on a tripod and placed a flashlight where I needed to get the correct angle. I made sure the camera was focused on the water droplets. Then I turned the overhead lights off.

My objective or purpose was to capture the white light splitting apart.  This created a prism inside of the water droplets giving off a pretty, yet abstract effect. This took several days to achieve because of the many different angles of the light that could be used to get the perfect image that I was looking for.  When I looked at this image, I saw the effect of a rainbow inside the drops of water and it made me think of hope.  So, this is how I came up with the title of "Prism of Hope". 

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