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What about bussing?


· Bus transportation is provided for students of Allen County Preschool through Allen County Public Schools.

· A bus monitor is required on each bus transporting children younger than five years old.  Bus monitors assist the bus driver in the care and safety of our youngest students.  They will be hired and trained by the transportation director.

· Questions about how you can become a bus monitor may be directed to Joseph Cosby at (270)618-3181.

· Safety drills will involve all staff and children, including those that do not ride a Preschool vehicle every day.

· Preschool children who must cross the street to get on or off the bus must always be escorted by a parent or adult. Parents must provide someone responsible to receive the child daily when departing the vehicle.

  • To request a change to your child’s transportation, you will need to contact Natalie Davis at ACPC (270)-618-7200. We will try to honor your request given the proper notification.