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Classroom Discussion/Discourse
Student Ownership & Independence Goal 1
Engaging students are posed by the teacher and other students in 80% of classrooms on a given day as measured by observational data.
Danielson Framework Connection (Exemplary)
3B Teacher uses a variety or series of questions or prompts to challenge students cognitively, advance high-level thinking and discourse, and promote metacognition.
3B Students formulate many questions, initiate topics, and make unsolicited contributions.
3B Students initiate higher-order questions.
Questioning .46+
Discussion/Discourse .88
Ask thought provoking questions as a means of understanding a concept or problem.
Student Ownership & Independence Goal 2
Students are engaged in authentic discussion with peers an average of 30% of classroom instruction time as measured by observational and survey data.
Danielson Framework Connection (Exemplary)
2A Students exhibit respect for teacher and contribute to high levels of civil interaction between all members of the class.
3B Discussions enable students to talk to one another without ongoing mediation by the teacher.
3B Students themselves ensure that all voices are heard in the discussion.
3B Students extend the discussion, enriching it.
3B Students invite comments from their classmates during a discussion.
3A The teacher invites student to explain the content to the class or to classmates.
Discussion/Discourse .88
Engage in meaningful discussions and use effective communication skills to work with others to identify and solve problems.
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