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History of Patriot Cross Country 1989-2012

Current All-Time Patriots Records

Girls                                                                                      Boys

Fastest 5K                                                                            Fastest 5K

Krisston Senter / 19:59 / Barren Co. Course / 2009        Chris Young / 15:17 / District 15 Meet

Brittany Kelley / 19:59 / Barren Co. Course / 1999                                /Barren Co. Course / 1999

Best State 5K                                                                        Best State 5K

Krisston Senter / 20:02 / Horse Park / 2007                     Chris Young / 16:01 / Horse Park / 1999

Best State 4K      

Andi Johnson / 15:34 / Horse Park / 1998

2012 State Qualifiers     None

Both the boys and girls fielded full teams for the 2012 Region AA run at Ephraim White Park in Bowling Green. Both the boys and girls finished in last place

2011 State Qualifiers       None

Girls did not field a full team for the regional in the Region AA at Ephraim White Park in Bowling Green. Top finisher for the girls was Katie Young (54th place, 26:22). Other finishers included Megan Hale, Klie Pruitt and Ashley Allen.  The boys team finished 8th. Top finisher was Cody Adams (44th place, 21:26).  Other finishers for the boys were Brian Key, Austin Byrn, Donie Givens, Kyle Johnson, Tristan Walker and Aaron Holder.

Coaches Cori Back and Jake Johnston

2010 State Qualifiers    Krisston Senter
             All-State - 2010
             Krisston Senter       All-State Honorable Mention    21st (21:12)

Girls finished fifth in the Region 2 AA at Ephraim White Park in Bowling Green. Krisston finished third in the girls race in a time of 20:41.  Other Patriot finishers included Megan Hale, Katie Young,  Maggie Calvert, Elizabeth “Buff” Bomar and Shelby Wolfe.  The boys team finished 8th.  Top finisher was Kameryn Napier (35th, 20:02).  Other Pat finishers included Wesley Meador, Robbie Harless, Kyle Taylor, Bradley Blankenship and Cameron Cantu.

Coaches this year were Jake Johnston and Cori Back

2009 State Qualifiers    Girls Team                                Kyle Taylor

            All-State - 2009   

            Krisston Senter       All-State First Team                4th (20:20)

Girls finished second to Elizabethtown in Region 2 AA at Chalybeate Springs in Edmonson County.  Krisston finished first in the girls race with a time of 20:31.  This was the first time the girls race was ever won by a Patriot, Chris Young won the boys in 2000.  The boys team finished in 6th place.

Girls Team finished 16th in the 2009 State AA Championhip at the Horse Park

    Krisston Senter, 4th (20:20), Elizabeth Bomar, 87th (23:25), Breanna Boards, 119th (24:24), Sheby Wolfe, 130th (24:54), Maggie Calvert, 159th, (25:58), Kristina Walker, 174th (26:48)

    Kyle Taylor running individually finished 106th (19:14)

Coaches this year were Chelly Taylor Stamps and Jake Johnston

2008 State Qualifers    Girls Team                                Boys Team

            All-State - 2008

            Kate Bomar          All-State Honorable Mention    29th (21:04)

            Krisston Senter     All-State Honorable Mention    40th (21:20)

            Ethan Graves        All-State Honorable Mention    43rd (17:52)

    Girls finished first in Region 2 AA at La Rue Co. course.  This is the first ever region win by either boys or girls in Patriot CC history!  Girls scored 35 team points ... Kate was second and Krisston 3rd, both in 21:52.  

    The boys finished 4th to qualify for the state run.  It was the first time in Patriot CC history that both the girls and boys qualified in the same year to go to state. Ethan Graves was 5th individually.

Girls Team finished 8th in the 2008 State AA Championship

    Kate Bomar, 29th (21:04), Krisston Senter, 40th (21:20), Breanna Boards, 50 (21:33), Elizabeth Bomar, 85th (22:21), Maggie Calvert, 95th (22:31), Sandy Young, 108th (22:55), Shawna McPherson, 134th (23:49)  

Boys Team finished 24th in the 2008 State AA Championship

    Ethan Granves, 43rd (17:52), Joseph Armfield, 157th (19:27), Kyle Taylor 158th (19:28), Garrett Morrell, 199th (20:31), Steven Frye, 200th (20:39), Seth Marin, 221th (21:47), Wesley Meador, 232nd (22:30)

Coach Roberts resigns as coach after the state run in 2008.

2007 State Qualifers   Girls Team                                Kyle Gillenwater

            All-State - 2007

            Krisston Senter        First Team All-State                       6th (20:02)

            Kate Bomar             All-State Honorable Mention        27th (20:43)

            Kyle Gillenwater     All-State Honorable Mention        24th (17:17)

    Girls Team finished  was third in the region (at Marion County - E-town girl hit by a deer!) behind Warren East and Elizabethtown, Krisston was fourth individually at regional.  The boys finished 7th.  At state, the girls finished 9th with 228 team points, Bell County won the AA race. 

Girls finished 9th in the 2007 State  AA Championship

    Krisston Senter, 6th (20:02), Kate Bomar, 27th (20:43), Elizabeth Bomar, 65th (21:43), Maggie Calvert, 81st (22:02), Shawna McPherson, 100th (22:28), Brandie White, 129 (22:53), Raissa Stovall, 149th (23:41)

    Kyle Gillenwater, 24th (17:17)

2006 State QualifiersKate Bomar                            Kyle Gillenwater

                                         Raissa Stovall

All State – 2006

Kyle Gillenwater        All-State Honorable Mention        42nd (18:11)

Girls’ team finished 5th in Region 2 AA at Bowling Green’s Ephraim White Park being edged out of qualifying by one point.  Kate Bomar (21:13) qualified for state by placing 10th in the regional.  Also qualifying was Raissa Stovall in 24th place (22:22).  At state Kate finished 80th (22:14) and Raissa finished 130th (23:20)

The boy’s team finished 6th in Region AA.  Kyle Gillenwater was 6th in the regional with a time of 18:05.  At state he was 42nd with a time of 18:11

2005 State Qualifiers Kate Bomar

All State – 2005


Girls’ team finished 5th in Region 2 AA at Bowling Green’s Phil Moore Park.  The boys’ team was 9th.  Kate Bomar qualified for state placing 19th in the regional and finished 69th at state with a PR of 22:07.

Coach Roberts returns as CC coach in 2005.

2004 State QualifiersKate Bomarnone

Rhiannon Oberhelman

All State 2004


At State, Rhiannon Oberhelman finishes 96th (23:06) and Kate Bomar finishes 112th.

Coach Scott Shelton resigns his CC position to be the head boys’ basketball coach. 

2003 State Qualifiers Savannah Wallace and Lee Gillock

All State 2003


At State, Savannah Wallace finishes 90th (23:06) and Lee Gillock finishes 139th (19:31)

Coach Scott Shelton became the CC coach in 2003

2002 State QualifersNoneBoys Team

All State 2002

Nathan Landrum        All-State Honorable Mention        25th (17:40)

Boys team finishes 18th in the 2002 AA State Championship.

(Nathan Landrum, 25th (17:40), Evan Calvert, 135th (19:48),

Jordan Holder, 140th (19:55), Jay Starks, 158th (20:46),

Tristan Irey, 176th (21:27),  Matt Jones 180th (21:35),

Ashtin Potridge, 181st (21:37) … 192 runners.

Coach Slaven coached this year.  Coach Slaven goes to North Hardin to coach CC.

2001 State QualifiersJennifer ToweNathan Landrum

All-State 2001


At state, Jennifer Towe finished 96th (23:22) and Nathan Landrum finished 109th (19:22)

Coach Swartz coached this year.

2000 State QualifiersGirls TeamAdam Glass

Ryan Hogan

          All-State 2000

Tabitha Morris        Second Team All-State                17th (20:47)

Brittany Kelley        All-State Honorable Mention        20th, (21:01)

Hannah Roberts       All-State Honorable Mention        28th, (21:30)

Kentucky Senior West All-Star Team: Tabitha Morris and Jessica Pardue

In a year of realignment, Girls Team was regional runners-up with 60 points. Warren East won, Elizabethtown was third (62 points) and Edmonson County was fourth.  AC-S boys did not run a full team at regional … but, Adam Glass and Ryan Hogan qualified individually.

Girls Team finishes 3rd in the 2000 AA State Championship

(Tabitha Morris, 17th (21:02), Brittany Kelley, 20th (21:01),

Hannah Roberts, 28th (21:30), Natasha Taylor, 50th (22:06),

Jessica Pardue, 61st (22:24),  Jennifer Towe, 71st (22:38),

Meagan Spears, 90th (23:06) …. 190 runners in AA.)

Boys … Adam Glass, 70th (18:46) and Ryan Hogan, 131st (19:30).

Coach Roberts resigns at the end of 2000 season.

1999 State QualifiersGirls TeamChris Young

Erik Bonneau

First year for girls running 5K instead of 4K …

All-State 1999

Chris Young            First Team All-State                    1st, (16:01.5)

Erik Bonneau           All-State Honorable Mention      30th, (17:47)

Tabitha Morris         All-State Honorable Mention      27th, (21:02)

Hannah Roberts       All-State Honorable Mention      37th, (21:28)

Kentucky Senior West All-Star Team: Chris Young … also ran at Footlocker Regional

Girls Team placed 3rd (100 points) in CC Region 2 behind Warren East (30) and Bowling Green (85) and ahead of Louisville Presentation (102). Chris Young won the regional (16:30, Ephraim White Park, Bowling Green) … the boys team placed fifth in the regional.

Girls Team finishes 7th in the 1999 AA State Championship

(Tabitha Morris, 27th (21:02), Hannah Roberts, 37th (21:28),

Brittany Kelley, 43rd (21:34), Natasha Taylor, 59th (22:08),

Jennifer Towe, 84th (22:38), Jessica Pardue, 127th (23:48),

Erin Brown, 138th (24:59) …. 202 runners in the AA race.)

Boys … Chris Young, 1st (16:01.5), Erick Bonneau, 30th (17:47)

1998 State QualifiersGirls TeamChris Young

Jorge Villanueva

All-State 1998

Andi Johnson        First Team All-State                 4th, (15:34)

Chris Young          First Team All-State                10th, (16:59)

Kentucky Senior All-Star Team: Andi Johnson

Girls Team placed fourth in CC Region 2 by one point beathing Louisville Presentation.

Girls Team finishes 6th in the 1998 AA State Championship

(Andi Johnson, 4th (15:33.8), Tabitha Morris, 47th (17:03),

Brittany Kelley, 70th (17:30),  Hannah Roberts, 85th (17:39),

Erin Brown, 88th (17:43), Jessica Pardue, 102nd (18:01),

Jennifer Towe, 119th (18:26) ….. 200 runners in the AA race)

1997 State QualifiersGirls TeamChris Young

All-State 1997

Andi Johnson          First Team All-State                       7th, (15:55)

Tabitha Morris        All-State Honorable-Mention        22nd, (16:43)

Sherri Mattox          All-State Honorable-Mention        35th, (17:00)

Girls Team placed fourth in the CC Region 2 AA

Girls Team finishes 3rd in the 1997 AA State Championship

(Andi Johnson, 7th (15:55), Tabitha Morris, 22nd (16:43),

Sherri Mattox, 35th (17:00), Hannah Roberts, 50th (17:09),

Erin Brown, 83rd (17:43), Jennifer Towe, 105th (18:12),

Brandy Meador, 114th (18:24) ……. 210 runners in the AA race)

Boys finishers at State: Chris Young, 69th (18:10)

1996 State QualifiersGirls TeamTyler Berry

Scott Carter

Chris Young

All-State 1996

Andi Johnson             All-State Honorable-Mention        Injured

Marci Logan              All-State Honorable-Mention        22nd, (17:00)

Sherri Mattox            All-State Honorable-Mention        24th, (17:05)

Girls Team Regional Runners-up

Girls Team finishes 7th in the AA State Championship

(Marci Logan, 22nd (17:00), Sherri Mattox, 24th (17:05),

Hannah Roberts, 70th (17:56), Tabitha Morris, 83rd (18:07),

Donna Johnson, 107th (18:33),  Deidre Basham, 118th (18:45),

Rebekah Davis 131st (19:00) ……. 202 runners in this race

Boys Finishers at State: Tyler Berry, 58th (18:47),

Chris Young , 66th (18:58), Scott Carter, 72nd (19:03)

1995 State QualifiersGirls TeamJason Green

Mark Logan

Scott Carter

All-State 1995

Andi Johnson            Second Team All-State                  15th, (16:24)

Marci Logan             All-State Honorable-Mention        32nd, (17:11)

Jason Green              Second Team All-State                 12th, (16:24)

Girls Team Regional Runners-Up

Girls Team finishes 5th in the AA State Championship

(Andi Johnson, 15th (16:24), Marci Logan, 32nd (17:11),

Sherri Mattox, 55th (17:37), Donna Johnson, 63rd (17:43),

Hannah Roberts, 76th (18:00), Deidre Basham, 87th (18:11),

Rebekah Davis, 93rd (18:15) ….. 206 runners in the race

1994 State QualifiersMarci LoganBoys Team

Andi Johnson

All-State 1994

Marci Logan            Second Team All-State

Roy Jones                All State Honorable-Mention

Boys Team finishes 14th in the AA State Championship

(Roy Jones, Jason Green, Brian Berry, Tyler Berry, Mark Logan,

and Josh Clay)

1993 State QualifiersMarci LoganBoys Team

All-State 1993

Marci Logan            First Team All-State

Adam Cross             First Team All-State

Roy Jones                Second Team All-State

Boys Team Finishes 12th in the AA State Championship

(Adam Cross, Roy Jones, Jason Green, Mark Logan, Tyler Berry,

Brian Berry and Brad Bonds)

Coach Roberts and Coach Foster fired from CC and Track during Spring of 1994 … Coach Roberts rehired as CC coach in the summer after they could find no one to do it.

1992  State QualifiersMarci LoganNone

Mary Williams

Stephanie Groves

All-State 1992

Marci Logan            All State Honorable-Mention

1991State Qualifiers:NoneBoys Team

All-State - 1991


Boys Team finishes 15th in the AA State Championship

(Clay Hughes, Ben Martin, Adam Cross, Joey Cornwell,

Shawn Campbell, Jason Willoughby and Justin Williams) … First team to qualify for state by beating Greenwood in the regional at Fort Campbell when they were disqualified for running 8 runner instead of the legal 7 in the race.  A weird day!

1990 State QualifiersLaura SpencerAdam Cross

All-State - 1990

Laura Spencer                All State Honorable-Mention

First runners to qualify for state …

1989First Season for Cross Country at AC-S HS / Coaches Gaye Foster and Rick Roberts

State Qualifiers:NoneNone

All-State - 1989


Where they went on to run ...


Adam Cross         Georgetown College

Roy Jones            Berea College

Jason Green         University of the South - Sewanee

Chris Young        Western Kentucky University


Kate Bomar        Morehead State University

Krisston Senter   Western Kentucky University

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