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Social Studies

     In Social Studies we are covering Kentucky and Kentucky Government! Mrs. Collins worked with the students to learn some facts about the regions of Kentucky. For extra credit they were encouraged to create a derby hat to help celebrate Bluegrass Region. They also made a quilt of some important Kentucky symbols.
     As part of the Government unit the class wrote their very on Constitution and help class elections. In order to run for an office the students had to campaign and give a speech. Each office holds a special classroom job! The entire class had the chance to vote on the winners, which are...

President - Cayden Ross
Vice President - Macy Pruitt
Secretary - Josten Lightfoot
Boy Sgt-at-arms - Seth Sanders
Girl Sgt-at-arms - Bryanna Duke

     We are now studying the Branches of Government. As part of the Judicial Branch we are currently planning a trip to visit the courthouse, so look for permission slips soon.