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What Others Say

"Having a POL volunteer really helped me to get better at reading all the words. I think it (having a volunteer) would help other students"- Student at the Allen County Primary Center

"Last year, I felt horrible about my reading. My confidence level in reading wasn’t very good. I felt bad because I couldn’t read. Now, I feel good about reading, It helped me because somebody stepped up and helped."-Student at the Allen County Primary Center


"I found it very rewarding. I helped my student read books for about 20 minutes and then we would go to lunch. When I would go and knock on his door, I could see the biggest smile on his face. Then, when I would leave from lunch, he would give me a hug. He’s really opened up. It’s probably been more rewarding for me than it has been for him."-POL volunteer Peggy Carter

"Spending a few minutes each week with these students has been a joy!  I left smiling every time!  The students are always so excited to see you and show you what they have learned from week to week.  Regardless of how busy our lives are, it’s important to take time and share a smile, kind words and be a mentor with these students whenever possible”-POL volunteer Carla Keen  

"I tutored a small group of Primary Center kids last year and found it very rewarding.  We worked with sight words, two or three days a week for approximately 30 or 45 minutes each day.  This was nothing hard; it was just a matter of giving time to a precious child.”- POL volunteer Angie Anderson

"I highly recommend volunteering. It is a fulfilling experience that you won't regret. I am proud to say that a little bit of time each week turned readers into great readers. A quote from Gayla LeMaire says it best, ‘Volunteers are paid in six figures-  S-M-I-L-E-S’.- POL volunteer Danielle Robison