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7th Grade Language Arts

About Me: I am Sherry Long and I love
teaching 7th grade Language Arts. I have
been teaching since 1994 and view my job
as one of the most important things I can
do.  I realize that my students are 
unique young minds with great potential.


I have a wonderful friend that I have
been married to for many decades now! 
We have four beautiful children,
Jennifer, Ben, Kristy, and Wendy; three
wonderful son-in-laws, Jason Woods,
Brian Graves, and Danny Wilson; and
four terrific and loveable grandchildren,
Chase, Jaylee, Olivia, and Eli.


In my free time I enjoy playing with my grandchildren and following them in
whatever sports activity they may be
involved in at the time. I also enjoy
anything that provides time with my
family. During the summer I love to can fresh vegetables (but I leave the gardening to my husband).  Another favorite pasttime
is sitting outside in the evening where
I enjoy the sounds and beauty around
me. For hobbies, I love to read and follow my favorite team; the U.K. Wildcats (go Big Blue)!!

Reasons to Read


1.    Reading is rewarding.

2.    Reading builds a mature vocabulary.

3.    Reading makes you a better writer.

4.    Reading is hard and “hard” is necessary
for us to become smarter.

--We don’t learn until we are confused.

--Don’t ever run from a challenge

5.    Reading makes you smarter.

6.    Reading prepares you for the world of
work and business.

--Unskilled labor is disappearing

7.    Reading is financially rewarding.

--Job charts verify that the more
education one has the more the earnings.

8.    Reading opens the door to universities.

9.    Reading arms you against oppression.

--James Baldwin says that it’s expensive
to be poor. When reading scores are low,
more prisons are needed.

    10. Reading helps develop a moral compass.

A new report from the Nat'l Endowment for the Arts.

Among the findings:

    • As Americans read less, their reading skills worsen, especially among teenagers and young males.  By contrast, the average reading score of 9-year-olds has improved.  Reading test scores for 9-year-olds-who show no declined in voluntary reading--are at an all time high.
    • The reading gap is widening between males and females (the % of men who read at a Proficient level has declined.  For women, it has stayed the same).
    • Even among college graduates, reading proficiency has declined at a 20%-23% rate.
    • Frequent readers score better on writing tests than non-readers or infrequent readers.
    • Adults who read well are more likely to volunteer.  Literary readers are twice as likely as non-readers to volunteer or do charity work and are 3 times more likely to visit museums, attend plays or concerts, and create artworks of their own.  They are also more likely to play sports, attend sporting events or do outdoor activities.
    • 84% of Proficient readers voted in the 2000 presidential election, compared with 53% of Below-Basic readers.
    • 1/2 of Below-Basic readers failed to complete high school, and their average reading score is 55 points lower than for high school graduates.  Only 70% of high school students earn a diploma on time.  More than half are not in the workforce.
    • 65% of college freshmen read for pleasure less than an hour per week or not at all.  By the time they become college seniors, 1 in 3 read nothing at all for pleasure in a given week.
    • 15-24-year-olds spend only 7-10 minutes per day on voluntary reading--about 60% less time than the average American.

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