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Vision, Mission, Core Values

Picture of mission, vision and values

Our vision is to graduate engaged, resilient citizens who pursue their passions, maximize their strengths, contribute to their community, and achieve meaningful purpose in life.
Our mission is to nurture, inspire, and empower the next generation to be successful contributors in an ever-changing world and to create a better future for all by providing joyful, authentic, meaningful learning experiences and instilling hope.
Core Values
The core values have been developed to anchor our staff around the core beliefs we (as district employees) must hold true to in order to achieve the vision for our district.  

  • We value the pursuit of excellence, always striving to exceed expectations through goal setting, productive struggle, reflecting, and improving.
  • We value dignity and believe that it is our responsibility to honor the humanity in each unique individual, their strengths, their interests and to create a sense of self-worth for all. 
  • We value a community that embraces building relationships by collaborating in a healthy culture that demonstrates generosity, celebrates diversity, honors inclusivity, and creates a sense of belonging for each individual.
  • We value integrity through acting responsibly, being transparent, and always choosing to do the right thing in an effort to build trust in ourselves and others.
  • We value meaningful risk-taking that drives innovation and creativity, in order to develop courageous individuals who take initiative and imagine new possibilities to positively impact their world.
Profile of a Patriot poster

Learner-Centered Instructional Model (v. 2.0)
The instructional model has been created in response to the Profile of a Patriot.  We developed this by asking, “What are the learning experiences our students will need to develop the skills listed in the Profile of a Patriot?”  The instructions model defines the types of learning experiences we will work to implement in our district to desired skills with our students.  
Authentic Learning
Meaningful, relevant learning grounded in real-world challenges and applications for authentic audiences & community partnerships.

  • Design real-world learning experiences
  • Promote anytime/anywhere learning
  • Spark collaboration
Meaningful Assessment
The purpose of assessment is redefined in terms of assessment as, of, and for learning.

  • Assessment OF learning: summative performance tasks
  • Assessment FOR learning: formative feedback
  • Assessment AS learning: student metacognition & reflection
Personalized Learning
Learning is co-constructed based on each learner’s unique strengths, skills, interests, and needs. Learners have voice, choice, empowerment, and ownership.

  • Develop learners' metacognition, self-regulation, and perseverance 
  • Amplify student’s voice
  • Customize the learning experience
An evidence-based instruction, assessment, and feedback cycle that drives learning based on progress toward desired competencies.

  • Plan with a mastery-based approach
  • Nurture iteration and continuous improvement
Equitable Learning Environment
Collaborative and culturally relevant learning communities where every learner feels they belong and can tap into their full academic and social potential, contributing to the collective success of their community.

  • Nurture a meaningful and engaging learning community
  • Cultivate a Sense of Belonging
  • Partner with learners to reach their full potential
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