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About Our District

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Education is a continuous improvement journey. We consider everyone in our district a learner. Whether we are in year one or thirty-one, we always seek to grow and improve student outcomes. To do this, we have created a system of multi-tiered support for all students to ensure we are meeting the academic, social-emotional, and mental health needs of our students. 
We define success as more than a single test score. Our district has created a five-year strategic plan to ensure all students have multiple opportunities to show their unique strengths and talents. Project based learning, exhibitions, passion projects, and defenses of learning are just a few ways we are tapping into student potential beyond paper - pencil. Our students, teachers, parents, families, and community are excited to engage in ways beyond a snapshot of data shared from the state assessment. We are also excited about the possibility of bringing joy back into teaching and learning. 

Each year, we create a comprehensive improvement plan that outlines goals, activities, and strategies for improvement for academic outcomes. We are relentless in our pursuit of a world-class education for each and every student in our district. Our goal is for students to leave Allen County Schools prepared for their next level of work - college or career to be able to compete in a global economy.