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Unit 5 Organizer


Launching a New Nation


Learning Targets (check when you have mastered)

  1. I can identify and describe the purposes and sources of power in the most common forms of government (e.g., monarchy, democracy, republic)_____
  2. I can explain how the U.S. Constitution separates power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches and establishes a system of checks and balances_____
  3. I can explain how the Constitution can be changed through amendments and judicial review_____
  4. I can describe the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation_____
  5. I can explain the responsibilities and duties of U.S. citizens_____
  6. I can describe how the powers of the state and federal governments are sometimes shared and sometimes separated (federalism)_____
  7. I can describe the impact of significant individuals and groups associated with the formation of the United States_____
  8. I can identify and describe historical ideas and documents that help shape American beliefs about government_____
  9. I can describe difficulties (economic, political, and social) faced by the United States immediately following the American Revolution_____
  10. I can list and describe precedents established by George Washington as 1st president of the United States_____

Unit Assignments (check when you have completed)

1. Vocabulary Builder_____

2. Graphic Organizer on Political Thinkers_____

3. Learning Partners Activity on Analyzing features of Articles of Confederation _____

4. Writing for Understanding Activity on weaknesses of the Articles of  

     of Confederation_____

5. Event Map on Constitutional Convention______

6. Mobile Project on 3 Branches of Government________

7. Experiential Exercise on Maintaining Balance of Power______

8. Graphic Organizer on ways a person can become a citizen and Responsibilities

     of citizenship_____

9. Understanding Bill of Rights Activity_____

10. Bill of Rights Activity #2________

11.Power Notes over UnitedStreaming video on George Washington________

12.Jigsaw Activity on challenges faced by Washington________

13.Venn diagram on Federalist Party and Democratic-Republican Party_____

Unit Vocabulary

Federalism, Republicanism, Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Shays Rebellion, Constitutional Convention, Articles of Confederation, Checks and Balances, Congress, Majority Rule, Bill of Rights, Amendment, Impeach, Veto, Popular Sovereignty, Great Compromise, Tariff

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