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Learn About Pridemasters
Basic Information:
  • Pridemasters is a leadership development program which will involve 10-12 students per grade.
  • Pridemasters will start when students are sophomores and is a three-year process.
  • Pridemasters began when the graduating class of 2019 were sophomore. .

What will I experience/do as a Pridemaster?

Year One Pridemasters (sophomores) will....
  • Create a personal understanding and pride for Allen County culture and quality of life attributes
  • Develop personal image, etiquette and communication skills enabling effectiveness as a community spokesperson
  • Demonstrate personal leadership skills in networking, team building and project management to enhance development as a successful community volunteer leader affecting community quality of life.
Year Two Pridemasters (juniors) will
  • Identify the socioeconomic sectors critical to progressive community quality of life
  • Demonstration understanding the attributes and importance of engaged civic leadership for achieving progressive quality of life
  • Develop an understanding of community leadership and the strength of partnership with elected and business stakeholders to long term progressive community development
Year Three Pridemasters (seniors) will…
  • Demonstrate personal leadership & communication skills with school and community spokesperson responsibilities
  • Demonstrate civic leadership through engagement with community civic, governmental and/or business leadership organizations
  • Demonstrate community volunteerism through implementation of a community issues response project with selected community leaders

Reasons to be a Pridemaster?

  1. To develop leadership skills that will serve you a lifetime.
  2. To learn life-long skills such as leadership, public speaking, and business etiquette.
  3. To serve as a spokesperson for Allen County-Scottsville High School at school and community events.
  4. To build a college applications resume.
  5. To become more competitive for college scholarship opportunities.
  6. To build and utilize personal leadership skills.
  7. To network with community leaders for future career opportunities.
  8. To engage in a service-learning project in the community.
  9. To partner with community organizations in service or community events.

So, what exactly will I do if I'm accepted into Pridemasters?

As a sophomore, PrideMasters will….

  • Attend an opening retreat in late July-August.
  • Attend two sessions (day, evening, or combination of both) in the fall and in the spring semesters (total of four). Sessions will include seminar speakers, role-playing, application of skill sets, field trips, etc.
  • Attend spring recognition ceremony and present “My 60-second story.”
  • Be asked to complete homework between sessions. Homework assignments could be research, personal or group projects, etc.
  • Partner with a local organization and be involved with the organization in a community project or activity.

As a junior, PrideMasters will…

  • Participate in a similar schedule with additional development sessions.
  • Began partnership with local community organization.
  • Introduce a selected community service-learning project ay year end recognition event.

As a senior, PrideMasters will..…

  • Participate in development sessions for sophomores and juniors---serving as student-leaders.
  • Work and complete service-learning project.
  • Serve as a student-leader with a community organization.
  • Serve as a Red-Blue Jacket Ambassador----serving as host/hostess at school and community related activities.

I'm a parent, what do I need to know?

  • The PrideMaster Program is a leadership enhancement program fully approved and recognized by the Allen County Board of Education and Allen County-Scottsville High School.
  • The Pridemaster Program will be under the direction of the PrideMaster Leadership Committee, a team of school and community leaders.
  • The PrideMaster program will involve students missing no more than six days of instruction time in a school year. Participants are expected to make up all school work missed.
  • Being a PrideMaster is both and honor and privilege. PrideMasters will be expected to adhere to the guidelines established by PrideMaster Committee as well as procedures enacted by the Allen County Board of Education. Failure to do so will result in the student being removed from the program.
  • More Information is available in the student's application packet. Please read carefully.

How can I apply for the next Pridemasters class?

  • Pick up a PRIDEMASTER Application Packet in the library at Allen County-Scottsville High School. Begining in January of 2017, the appication process will be online.
  • Read and complete application. Applications must include two (2) letters of recommendation. Details will be included with application packet.
  • Return all application materials to Mrya Little or Don Meador by February 28, 2017.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. The committee will interview selected candidates in March. As the final phase of the application process. Selection of first class will be announced by early April, 2017.

For more information, contact Myra Little of Don Meador at Allen County-Scottsville High School

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