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Welcome to Mr. Stamps Class
Hello! My name is Todd Stamps and I am the Automotive Instructor at the Tech Center.   
(270) 622-4711
Fall Semester
7:40-9:10 1st Block      Brakes
9:15-10:40 2nd Block    Basic Fuel
10:45-11:20  Pride
11:25-1:20 3rd Block      Engine repair
1:25-2:50 4th Block      Planning
Lunch 12:55 to 1:20
Spring Semester
7:40-9:10 1st Block      Brakes
9:15-10:40 2nd Block   Engine Repair
10:45-11:20  Pride
11:25-1:20 3rd Block      Planning
1:25-2:50 4th Block      Electric 

Classroom Rules

    • Safety glasses are required at all times in the shop.

    • All students will wear appropriate clothing for the work that they are doing. Shorts, open-toed shoes and excessively loose clothing are not allowed in the shop.

    • Jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, etc.) must be removed while in the shop.

    • Long hair must be tied back and tucked under shirt or in a hair net before entering the shop.

    • No food is allowed in the shop.

    • Food containers (soft drink cans, water bottles, food boxes, etc.) may not be used to store any materials that could be ingested by mistake.

    • If you see any unsafe practices taking place in the shop, do your best to rectify the situation immediately, then report it to a Teacher.

    • Any equipment damaged or found to be defective must immediately be reported to Shop Teacher so that it can be tagged and taken out of service.

    • I adhere to and will abide by the ACSHS handbook.


    • Make sure your work areas are clean after use. Wipe down the tool and sweep up any chips and debris. Leave the area for the next user like you would want it left for you.

    • Do not leave project materials in the shop.

    • Clean and return all tools to their proper location when not in use.

    • Failure to clean up after use may result in revoked shop privileges.

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