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Newton, Sandy

<div class="configs">8th Grade Patriot Pride Language Arts</div>


Welcome to Sandy Newton’s website. I hope you find useful information to assist you in a successful school year. Check back often for updates! Thanks for visiting! I teach language arts in an 8th grade classroom on the Patriot Pride Team.




Contact information:

[email protected]

270-622-7140 ext.4228


Patriot Pride Schedule
Pride Time: 7:45-8:05
1st Period:  8:09-9:00
2nd Period: 9:04-9:55
3rd Period: 9:59-10:50
4th Period: 10:54-11:48
5th Period:  12:18-1:09
6th Period: 1:13-2:04
7th Period:  2:08-2:40