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Got Questions About POL?

Frequency Asked Questions:


Is there really a need in the school district?

  • Yes, students at each school in the Allen County School District are in need of a Points of Light partner. Many students just need a mentor---someone that is willing to spend 25-30 minutes having lunch with a student once a week. This opportunity enriches the life of the young person by not only bringing a positive role model into their lives but providing a loving listening ear. Other students may need someone that willing to spend time reading with them. Needs vary at each school but there is a need.


 What will I be volunteering to do at each school?

    Here are the basic needs at each school….

  •  Allen County Primary Center (K-3rd grade)…The POL volunteer may be asked to read sight words with a student or have lunch with an assigned student on a regular schedule for the school year. Training is provided.  The school contact is Kathy Clark.  (270-618-7200)

  • Allen County Intermediate Center (4th-6th grade)…The POL mentors will be asked to have a 25 minute  lunch with the assigned student and commit to regular attendance for school year. Other opportunities may be available as well.  The school contact is Anne Vinson.  (270-618-8200)

  • James E. Bazzell Middle School (7th-8th grade)…Most students just need someone to talk to, and others need help with understanding concepts in math, science, etc. Almost all of them need help with organization and learning how to prioritize time and juggle multiple assignments. Often, just helping them stay organized makes a huge difference. The school contact is Pat Jackson. (270-622-7140)

  • Allen County-Scottsville High School (9th-12th grade)…Persons wishing to volunteer at the high school will generally be used to help students in exceptional child education or credit recovery classes. The school contact is Susan Ausbrooks. (270-622-4119)


 How much time do I have to commit to?

  • We ask that Points of Light partners make a commencement to work with at least one student each week on a very consistent schedule. This would amount to about 30 minutes each week for no more than 36 weeks per year during the regular school year---early August through late May. Since consistency is what many students lack in their lives, we ask Points of Light Partners to be a dependable presence each week.


 I want to participate in the program but what if I am sick or have to be out of town one week?

  • If you are sick on a day you are scheduled to visit with your student, simply call the school and let your contact person know you will be unable to make it hat day. Your contact will share the information with the student. If you know you are going to be out of town or have an obligation in advance, just share the information with your student and the contact person during the prior week.


 Will it be a hassle as a Points of Light Partner in coming into the school?

  • You will have a POL volunteer ID badge. During your initial visit, the contact person at each school will walk you through the exact sign-in procedure at your school. After this, you will be able to sign directly in and proceed to meet with your student.


 What if I encounter or experience a problem. Who can I talk to?

  • If you experience any type of problem or have any concerns, you should feel free to immediately share the problem with the Points of Light contact person at your school or the school principal. You can also share the concern with the Points of Light contacts at the district’s central office or with the Community Education Director.


 What are my next steps?

  • New volunteers will be asked to attend an orientation. This meeting will explain more details about the program, allow you to select your school, meet each school’s contact person, and fill out the necessary paperwork. You are required to agreed to and pass a background check. The orientation will also include training in confidentially. Once your background check information is returned, you will be contacted and your first visit scheduled. 

  • To begin the POL Volunteer process, please contact Community Education Director Don Meador at 270-622-8551. Mr. Meador will take your information and share with you information about the next POL orientation.    


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