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 Oh, no, I cannot find my ActivStudio flipcharts from long ago. Yes, this can be frustrating when trying to use ActivInspire.
But, for the most part, you can do the following to locate those old files:
  • Click Start menu
  • Click Computer
  • Click on the "H" Drive (double-click)
  • Double-click a folder named, "ActivStudio3"
  • Assuming you are looking for a flipchart, double-click on the "My Flipcharts" folder.
  • Thar she blows! That should help you find those flipcharts. If not, email me.
  • FYI: The old extension for flipcharts was "flp". Example: You created a flipchart named firstday. The file would be (firstday.flp). In Inspire, that has changed. A file has the flipchart extension. Example: firstday.flipchart
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