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Technology Integration

Click HERE if you would like to view a webquest example that encompasses many of Eschoolview's features. You can create a webquest directly from your site. If interested, email me for more information. 
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Schooltown is a learning management system similar to Moodle. It is a very powerful tool if you would like to have your class online. Check it out at
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With the new Common Core Standards, technology is displayed from K-12. I have created a document for each grade level that contains (to my knowledge) the pieces of the Common Core that mentions or uses technology. So go check out my standards-based webpages. There will be resources added as well. Stay tuned!

The site is located at:

 Allen County Schools COVID-19 Preparedness Information

Click here for more information. 

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To view my calendar, click here.
This calendar will display my appointments as the Tech Integration Specialist for the district. Feel free to email me at any time (or call) to set up a time.
We will offer an online course that is going to teach everything needed to create a content-rich website for your classroom. It will be self-paced, so you can take your time and determine how the page will be designed. In the course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, take quizzes, and more.

Just a quick thought about Edmodo in the classroom
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Check out my Youtube Channel for teachers.
I have created folders with specific tutorials, how-to videos, and general information that pertains to technology in the classroom.
Browse around and learn how to integrate technology into your daily lessons.

100 Best Youtube Videos for teachers (click here)
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