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Book Trailer_Six of Crows by Patriot Productions Book Club Team


The Process Behind the Creation of the Six of Crows Book Trailer

The First Step: Materials

After our STLP sponsor mentioned the book trailer competition, we immediately began listing the numerous book series we have read together. After deciding on Six of Crows, the first step was to locate material for the trailer and decide what should be included. A great deal of time was spent on writing and perfecting the script for the videos. We spent time searching the book for moments to describe and set the tone of the book, all the while making sure not to spoil the story’s ending. 

The Second Step: Casting

The next step was to find appropriate actors for each role. The six main characters of Six of Crows are extremely diverse. From finding students with the proper ethnicity, gender and personality, the main characters presented many challenges. After a long venting process, we were able to find suitable actors and actresses.

Of the seven actors we worked with, only four had actually read the book series; so for the others, the students who had read the book worked to teach them about their characters. Before filming started, a meeting was held to debrief the actors of their roles, and to explain the plot of the book to those unfamiliar with it. Five of the seven roles were male in the book, but because of extenuating circumstances, two girls were recruited to play traditionally male characters. The two girls adapted quickly and efficiently to their roles, as did the others. 

The Third Step: Filming

The hardest step of the process was filming. Many complications arose during filming. It was especially hard to work around the differences in schedules. Considering that all of the actors are middle school students, it took effort from both the students and teachers to make filming times work. Meetings were scheduled before school started each day, during free periods, and after school dismissal. One student specialized in filming all of the clips for the video, and two other students were delegated the task of directing scenes. An iPhone XR belonging to a cast member was used to film all of the scenes, and a green screen backdrop was used in almost all clips.

On top of the struggle to align schedules with filming opportunities, many mishaps happened with the cast themselves. One of the original actors had to be replaced last minute after becoming ill, and many scenes were incredibly difficult to film. The scenes were comedic and light, so straight faces were not a common occurrence during filming. Eventually, the filming process was complete, to the chagrin of the cast; the entire filming process was very enjoyable and many new friends were made.

The Fourth Step: Editing

The final step in the process of creating the book trailer was editing. One student, an experienced editor, was in charge of editing clips and piecing everything together. He manipulated the recorded clips using green screen technology, and used Adobe Premier to edit and piece the videos together. The writers of the script, were given final say in the text used in the final product and the order of the clips. 

Because all of this work was done in a matter of a few days, another problem arose that required additional scenes. After going back and studying the videos, the producers recalled a lack of character introductions and were eager to piece together an amusing introduction for viewers. Quickly, it became apparent that our ambitions would prove difficult. One of our main cast members had also become ill before the last day of filming. We quickly brainstormed ways to improvise, and the editing process continued as planned. In spite of the difficulties which occurred, editing was very educational and exciting.

In conclusion, the process of creating the book trailer was simple, educational, and enjoyable. The inclusion of the arts in a project promoting academia was a phenomenal experience, one that benefitted all involved.



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