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Title:  Innocence of a New Morning

Student: Ayushi P.

Grade: 8th

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Digital Art: Innocence of a New Morning By: Ayushi P.

Digital Art

Title:  Innocence of a New Morning

Student: Ayushi P

Grade: 8th

I used Pixlr Sketchbook App on Surface Pro Tablet to create this piece of art.  I love animals so I wanted to send a message through my art that shows the innocence of the baby deer as it begins its life on this new morning.

First I created a layer for the main focus of my painting.  I wanted the attention drawn to the fawn in the girl’s arms.  This is why I painted her looking down at the fawn. I sketched out a faint outline of my drawing.  Then I began painting. I started by adding faces color and then followed with sketching the details like: eyes, nose, and lips and body.  Next I went back and added details to the face such as shadows, and highlights with tints and shades. After detailing the face, I sketched out the baby deer.  I finished the girl by adding hair and created texture her her hair, eyelashes, brows and clothes.  

I created texture in the hair, eyelashes and brows by uses different thickness of pencils and differents shades of color.  Then I created texture in the girls shirt by using charcoal.  


Finally, I created the background in a second layer by filling it with a soft beige and then creating a field of flowers around her and behind her.  As I painted the background I tried to make it seem more like a portrait and fade out or blur the surroundings around my subject I wanted people to focus on, but I also chose brighter colors for background to also make this happen.

In this program, I used the color wheel to select my different colors . I used airbrush , pencil and different size brushes for the painting. For a softer effect, I used airbrush.  If I wanted a bolder line, I used a pencil or brush depending on the thickness I needed. I used Smooth conte to shape outline of the fawn.

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