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 Enchanted Time 
By Tori R 
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Enchanted Time by Tori R (6-8)

Enchanted Time by Tori R (6-8)
To create this digital art piece, I used a website called https://pixlr.com/.  This site is more for digital photograhy editing and photo manipulation.  However, the editor version worked very nicely and had the tools I needed to create this piece.  It was very difficult to draw digitally with a mouse on the computer, but I enjoyed the experience and it helped me to get out of my comfort zone by using another medium.  I used the layers to different size paint brushes and the smudge tools to create this drawing.  The benefit of using this program is that I could go to layer history to undo my mistakes and repaint anything that I need to fix.
My inspiration for this piece of art was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to make the primary focus for this piece the passing of the enchanted time in the glass case. So, I drew the rose in the case first and tried to place it more in the foreground.  Then I drew Belle in the middle ground and to the right as the secondary focus.  I chose bright colors to draw focus on her eyes and the enchantment of insided the glass case with wilting rose.  Her eyes are bright and show a sense of innocense.  I tried to make her eyes look as though she were staring into the glass case which directs your eyes to the enchanment swirling inside.  In the background I put stars that could be seen throught both the window and out from the balcony.  There is also one curtain still remaining on the left side of the window.
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