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Katherine F
Grade (6-8) 
"Captured in a Tranquil Moment"
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Photo Taken : Katherine F

Title: Captured in a Tranquil Moment

Camera Used: Kodak easyshare 16MP Kodak AF Optical Aspheric Lens 27mm-135mm(Equivalent)

Zoom: 5X over the water shot

Setting: Auto

Taken at: Longwood Gardens At 1001 Longwood Rd, Kennet Square, PA 19348

For this photo I used a Kodak 16 MP, I took a picture of a Purple Waterlily surrounded by Lily pads In a shallow fake pond that had black tile at the bottom so it absorbed most of the light and gave the water a darker appearance. The dark water contrasting with the bright flower allowed me to really focus on the bright purple flower. The golden center of the flower has a strong color contrast to the petals of the flower and the dark water. The water is standing almost completely still except for the ripples that appear when the wind blew ever so slightly. I was leaning over the water facing away from the sun so there wouldn’t be a glare off the water. The flash was off and there was no other light source besides the sun.

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