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Keylie S
From the Outside Looking In

Name: Keylie S

Title: From the Outside Looking In

Camera: iPhone 6s


I first took a simple photo of a tree in my yard. I then found a photo of a mason jar on the website http://www.joann.com/crafts-hobbies/hobbies/mason-jars/. After finding the image of the mason jar, I downloaded the app PicsArt on my phone, from there, I masked the the mason jar, all except for the lid. Afterwards, I added this picture, and blended it in with the background, which was the tree. I then found a picture of the orange butter fly on the website http://www.imgion.com/img/butterfly/page/7/, went throught the same process; I masked the butterfly, sized it, and turned it diagonally to give it the effect of the butterfly being on the outside of the jar, looking in. After doing that, I searched a picture of a picnic table and found the one I used on http://site-furnishings.columbia-cascade.com/?PageData=baseproductsdetails&catid=4&catid2=98. I masked only the top part of the table, to give the effect of the jar sitting on the table. I then placed the mason jar on the table and placed the butterfly in position. I then went on the computer app pixlr sketch book and erased the bottom of the jar to make sure that it did not look like it was tilting.
Original photo taken with cell phone
Original photo taken with cell phone 201711612233265_image.jpg
butterfly 201711611496102_image.PNG
Mason Jar
Mason Jar 2017116115024729_image.png
Table 2017116115126403_image.PNG
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