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Manipulated Photo

Manipulated Photo-
Ashlynn C 
Manipulated Photo 


Name: Ashlynn Conley

Title:Some See the Rain, Some See the Hope Of a New Day.

Camera: IPhone 6s

Sources: http://hdimagelib.com/origami+flower+lily?image=200028721

I took this picture because I love raindrop on things. It gives a sense of newness. For example rain helps give life and with life there is hope and when it rains flowers bloom like a new day. This is how I came of with my title. I first took a simple picture out of the car window on a rainy day. I then found an image of a flower using google images to put inside the rain droplets. Then I imported both pictures into Pixlr Editer. The first step to manipulating an image using Pixlr is to create a layer mask for the flower, then erase the extra background of the flower. Next you free transform the flower to fit a little smaller than the raindrop. Then you change the opacity of the flower so you can see a tiny bit of the raindrop through the flower. After you change the opacity, you smudge the edges together using the smudge tool so you can not see the outside edges of the flower. I used these steps for each of the raindrops with a flower inside. Finally, you merge the layers together.

Original photo taken with cell phone

Original photo taken with cell phone


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