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A typical preschool day.

Below is an example of a typical day in preschool. 

Full  Day Preschool
7:30  Arrival, sign-in, morning message, calendar
7:55  Breakfast
8:25  Story
8:40  Music and Movement

8:55  Recess

9:25  Restroom/Water

9:30  Centers (with small group activity)

10:45 Clean up
10:55 Bathroom
11:10 Lunch

11:40 Centers
      12:20 Clean up
      12:30 Recess

1:00  Restroom

1:10  Rest time

2:10  Snack

2:25  Buddy reading

2:35  Math or Alphabet time

2:50  Prepare to go home


·   Because Allen County offers a full-day program, children will rest for one hour each afternoon. Cots are provided. Parents will need to send a crib sheet and a small blanket.
·  Preschool begins at 7:30 AM. Children who arrive between 7:00 and 7:30
will wait with staff that are on duty until received by their teacher. It is essential that children begin the day on time and with the rest of the class.
Arrival after 7:50 AM is a tardy arrival for your child.