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Enrollment Requirements


Enrollment Requirements:

Only the legal guardian may enroll the child in preschool. The child must enroll under full legal name. Children enrolled in the Allen County Schools Preschool Program are required to have on file a copy of the following:


  1. Application for enrollment.

  2. Birth certificate or an affidavit of the inability to produce a copy.

  3. Up-to-date immunization record: State law (KRS 158.035) requires immunization certificates for all pupils. A child entering preschool must present an immunization record.

  4. Eye exam by an optometrist/ophthalmologist on KY form.

  5. Medical examination: Your child must have a KY form that shows that he/she has had a physical by a doctor of your choice.

  6. Income verification (eligibility may be determined up to four months prior to the start of school).